What is Edge Computing?

What is Edge Computing?
Off shore oil rig benefits for edge computing industry

What is edge computing?

Edge computing is a network architecture that allows computing processing, storing, and communication to be closer to devices and data sources, or close to end users.

Advantages of edge computing include increased speed, reliability, agility, elasticity and cost-effectiveness. In addition to this, it is more difficult to be hacked or attacked at the edge, because it is closer to the application.

The reason it is more difficult to hack the edge is because at the edge there are fewer points of contact from which to extract data, meaning less hacks are possible.

It also has several key roles to play in a digital transformation journey.

Edge computing for retail

The edge can be a game changer for retailers because it enables a digital transformation journey by enabling increased accessibility, collaboration, connectivity and digital experience.

It enables the store assistant to interact with a customer at any point in the store, which is important for maintaining or improving sales. Edge computing allows this interaction to take place with the benefit of privacy. It also enables people to work together across geographic distances, which has been proven to increase productivity.

Edge computing can also allow for the speed of digital transformation by allowing the store to be up-to-date with the new technologies, processes and procedures, enabling improved customer experience.

Edge computing in the workplace

Edge computing is ideal for the workforce, with most business technology currently being located within the office, and the demands of modern technology leaving many businesses struggling to keep up.

Edge computing can help protect employees from the impact of digital transformation as well as letting them work and collaborate where and when it is best for them. It also makes communication more seamless and thus enabling business processes to be transformed.


There are many reasons to consider an edge computing solution. By adapting to the new technologies, processes and procedures, businesses can protect workers and improve the efficiency of business.